Mibex On Demand | About
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It’s Never About Us
It’s actually about sharing our experience with you!  Founded on the premise, that every business owner deserves the opportunity to be successful, Mibex On-Demand brings you one step closer to realizing your dreams.


Our Purpose:


  • Feature a range of flexible service and support options affordable to small and medium size business owners that are available as needed and when needed;


  • As an on-line service, deliver exceptional value with solutions that reduce operational costs, increase productivity and clearly demonstrate tangible benefits;


  • Unlock new ideas and creative solutions through a collaborative process with an advisor who provides input based in experience and from an objective perspective;


  • Increase efficiency, enhance productivity, save time and money resulting in business improvement with sustainable long-term growth for users.
Mission Statement
Mibex On-Demand was founded on the premise, that every business owner deserves the opportunity to realize their dreams. Mibex On-Demand will be a flexible, easily accessible, and affordable solutions provider, determined to help individual business owners overcome any obstacles standing in the way of their success. In an advisory capacity, we will offer our experience and business acumen and provide strategic support to secure a solid foundation for the business and its operators.
How To Create A Business Success Story
The story below depicts a reality common to so many entrepreneurs who set out in business for the first time. It is important to understand that even seemingly insignificant decisions made daily, especially during the start-up phase, will effectively have a lasting impact on the future of a business. Objectivity and experience may be the most significant factors fundamental to good decision making but usually not within grasp of the start-up operators. As confident and capable as any start-up operator maybe, whether to seek the input of an adviser who is experienced and also objective, typically,  is the choice that determines the difference between imminent failure and success.  The story below, describes this reality.


Once upon a time, there was a merchant who set out to open a retail business. He invested his heart and soul (not to mention all of his as well as a significant amount of borrowed money) into this enterprise. He toiled from concept to design to make everything perfect. When ready to launch he looked around and sighed with joyful exasperation. He was extremely proud of everything that he had accomplished. Though he didn’t realize it yet, it wouldn’t be long before he would recognize that the one missing element standing in the way of a looming success was his lack of experience.


The story actually ended where it should have begun. Acknowledging his inexperience, the merchant began to seek guidance but soon realized that it was a little too late in the game. Consultants were inaccessible because of either price or scope so he became exasperated. This led to the business, the merchant and his dreams eventually withering away in obscurity.


Let us help you write your business story, with a strong and enduring story line in which you don’t see “The End”; you only realize “Success!”.