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Our Services

Expand Opportunities on the Web

Success of a website is measured by its ability to attract an audience and convert viewers to customers. Is your web site attracting the volume of new customers that you hoped it would? More importantly, is the content you truly expressive of the nature and character of your business? Are you properly targeting the right type of customer and do visitors to your site get the sense that you can resolve their needs.


Your web site should be an effective tool to grow your prospect list and support relationship building with customers as you continually build a base for future growth. We will develop the content strategy that will align with what customers expect. Your website content will effectively resonate with your target market so that you get to realize those, previously allusive, customer acquisition objectives.

Launch New Products or Services

Experience offers a significant advantage when starting out. Doing it on your own may be far more challenging but getting the right guidance mitigates considerable risk often saving you a lot of time and money. Starting a service business or creating a product from concept to market can be a long, expensive and often, overwhelming project. With an extensive track record of developing products and services, within a cross-section of industries, we will guide you from concept to market and right to the consumer. Not only do you save time and money, you demonstrate the ability to make savvy decisions and come out on top. You will start generating revenue sooner which will give you a head-start towards enjoying your new found success.

Get Expert Guidance

As an entrepreneur, you could certainly appreciate the benefit of affordable access to external expertise, when you need it. An experienced advisor is always available to answer a question or help with guiding your project, especially if you find yourself having to make important decisions that are unfamiliar to you.


No matter your preference, whether its a brief phone conversation or an on-site meeting, we are there to help you mitigate risk. Its like the ability to maneuver a sharp curve on a dark winding road. There is an obvious advantage to foresee deviations in the road before you get to them. So, if you are looking to expand your business, not only do we provide a road map; we will charter the most effective and efficient way possible to get you to your destination.

Enhance Brand Value

Do potential customers clearly recognize the value that you painstakingly try to represent in the product or services you offer? If you are not sure, it is probably because you are not getting a lot of customer feedback. We will help you be more effective at engaging prospective customers, creating a better customer experience, and growing your business through enhanced customer loyalty with more on-line referrals. Branding is not about how much of an effort you are making. It is always about whether prospective customers understand and appreciate the benefits you are proposing. We will review your branding initiative, evaluate its effectiveness and make recommendations that will be constructive towards positioning your business with a strategy to garner a favorable market response.

Improve Sales Performance

Do your competitors appear to be gaining while you are struggling to attract new customers? While circumstances may appear out of your control there are many innovative ways to enhance sales and get you back on track to growth and market prominence. We will realign your sales process by introducing a contemporary approach and bolster your traditional process with innovative sales strategies. We will demonstrate that relationship building and value based selling is far more effective in winning new customers than discounting prices. We will create a road map that compliments your long term vision and instill a team building approach to inspire top tier sales performance within your organization.

Accelerate Growth

Growth often entails thinking outside the box perhaps, in respect to identifying new channels of opportunity that can be developed within the capabilities of an existing infrastructure. Developing new markets, channels or channel partners requires insight and experience in building the type of strategic relationships that could pave the way to scalability and growth.  We will brainstorm with you and share our experience in opening new markets, new channels and new alliances towards moving your business forward in pursuit of growth opportunities.

Website Development

Trying to standout in a hyper-competitive environment is your greatest challenge. Whether you are reaching out to 1 or 1 million potential customers, we will help you identify your best customer, develop and communicate marketing messages that will resonate within your target market and position your business as a market leader. We can assess your current site and analyze its effectiveness as a marketing tool. We can develop new marketing content or we can build a new site for you from scratch.


A website is more than a show piece. If developed properly it can be a vital tool that serves your online marketing strategy, relentlessly, day and night.  If you are not quite certain whether your website is living up to your expectations, allow us to provide a detailed analysis to indicate if your site, as well as other media that you employ, have the ability to achieve their intended marketing objectives.

Orientation and Training

Workshops provide a stimulating environment with the ability to inspire and motivate groups and individuals. Whatever your organization’s needs may be, we can create a customized workshop for the purpose of orientation or training. Whether its a matter of introducing new procedures, policies, technology or teamwork process we can design and present the type of workshop that best suits all of your objectives. Depending on location workshops can be presented on-site or remotely over the internet within an interactive framework. For teaching institutions or municipalities sessions that feature a variety of broader topics related to entrepreneurship/business start-up, business technology, creating sales opportunities, branding and contemporary marketing strategies among many other topics, are available.